Stradbroke Humpback Whale Count

2010 Straddie

Whale Count

Past Point Lookout

1126 and counting

Proprietors of the Oceanic Gelati Bar at Point Lookout, John & Jenny Truman, conduct their own unofficial humpback whale count from their balcony high above Frenchman’s beach on North Stradbroke Island.

In 2009 the pair counted over 2600 whales traveling past Queensland’s most easterly point and as at June 18, had spied 1126 of the migrating leviathans, and the numbers have been steadily increasing over the last decade. Southern Cross University’s Whale Research project estimates that the current abundance of the population migrating along the east coast of Australia is estimated to be 7024 in 2005 (Paton et al., in press). This population is generally increasing at approximately 10-11% per annum, and is likely to be around 10,500 individuals in 2009.

Point Lookout is a fantastic Humpback, Southern Right and occasionally Blue Whales vantage point. Grab a bike & binoculars or whale watch on foot – land based whale watching is easy on Straddie!

Humpback whale blow, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

Humpback whale blow, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

The last two weeks of June and the first two weeks in July traditionally see the bulk of the whales pass by on the way to their winter breeding and birthing grounds further north.

Check out Hugh Patterson’s 2009 whale watching photos here

Scroll Down for a daily whale count update.



  1. John & Jenny’s Point Lookout whale count has reached 1662 as of this morning.

    A fine weekend on Stradbroke Island with clear skies made for great whale viewing around the North Gorge.

    It looks like a fine week as well so come over to Straddie, watch the migrating humpbacks and enjoy everything that Point lookout has to offer.

  2. John and jenny’s whale count now 1602 – 150 yesterday! Whale watching bonanza at point lookout!

  3. John & Jenny’s whale count has now reached 1459 as at July 20. The humpback’s seem to be everywhere to day with a pod of 6 in behind the breakers on Main Beach – just awesome!!

  4. Woohoo – John and Jenny’s whale count has now topped 1000 whales past point lookout! Whales and dolphins in abundance on straddie today!

  5. Windy and raining today at point lookout but fine weather is coming for the weekend. Still the North Gorge Walk was beautiful this morning with big waves and oh so much power in Mother Nature. the sun is coming out as I write this – oh yeah, wonderful Straddie!!

  6. Todays whale count on Straddie by John and Jenny Truman is 901 Humpbacks past Point Lookout

  7. Todays whale count from John & Jenny is 806

  8. As of June 20, the Oceanic Gelati Shop whale count was 330!

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