Whale Watching

Land based whale watching

is easy on Straddie. Point lookout is Queensland’s most easterly point and the whales come right by here. Grab a map from Fishes Cafe, hire a bike or simply walk to the whale watching headlands and platforms.

The Gorge walk is 1.2 k in length, on a purpose built boardwalk and contour trail winding its way through sheoaks and pandanus palms. The views out to sea and into the North Gorge itself are mesmerising to say the least.

Only 2m inside Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron, Point Lookout is close to the continental shelf and the whales often become clearly visible as they veer left around the Point.



  1. With beautiful weather at Straddie over the weekend, the humpback whales were in abundance. Hundreds of people spent the day yesterday lounging on the grass at point lookout headland as the humpbacks put on a show that was absolutely awesome. Throw in a big bunch of bottle nose dolphins, turtle, eagles, manta rays and some very brave surfers – it was a fantastic afternoon spent with good friends and something we’ll talk about for a long time!

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