Posted by: Colin Battersby | July 2, 2010

Straddie eco-tourism sets pace

As eco-tourism is touted as the future of North Stradbroke Island, Tourism Minister Peter Lawlor congratulated one island operator on his trend-setting practices.

Colin Battersby of Fishes at the Point at Point Lookout participated in the government’s recent Sustainable Regions pilot program.

His innovative approach has led his business to be the first featured on Channel Nine’s new program Living Green in Queensland, screening on Sunday afternoons to promote Queensland holidays as ”guilt-free” environmentally friendly experiences.

Colin Battersby & Tourism Minister Peter Lawler

Tourism Minister Peter Lawlor, Colin Battersby & Michael Chan

“Colin has done outstanding work in becoming environmentally sustainable, and in terms of tourism, eco-credentials are a huge selling point for much of our overseas market, especially Europe,” Mr Lawlor said.

“In addition to the promotion through the Living Green in Queensland segment, Fishes at the Point has also been showcased in the Nine News weather forecast with Garry Youngberry crossing live recently.”

Mr Battersby said as more tourism businesses started up on the island, being environmentally aware would no longer be a question, but a conscious start-up decision.

“We’re saving money by reducing our waste and on an island, the costs of transporting waste mean it just makes sense,” he said.

One of Fishes at the Point’s key initiatives is the reuse of their cooking oil as a biofuel for the local fishermen who supply their daily catch.

via Straddie eco-tourism sets pace – Local News – News – General – Bayside Bulletin / The Redland Times.


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