Posted by: Colin Battersby | June 16, 2010

Renting a Holiday House on Straddie

Affordable Stradbroke Island Accommodation

Renting a holiday home is a simple, quick way to get the best quality island living without stretching the budget or jumping through hoops trying to find a place. Most importantly, this also allows you to check out your options in advance, and not have to tailor your budget around a daily price for accommodation and services. This means your Stradbroke Island holiday costs are already factored in, before you even arrive.

Renting gives you more choices

The big issue with holiday accommodation really is the range of choices. Types of accommodation tend to be priced in a bandwidth, and what you get for what you pay is the real issue. Holiday home rental gives you a huge range of choices, particularly with Stradbroke Island accommodation, where the quality is excellent, and you can pick a palace if you like.

On Stradbroke they’re not kidding about “A huge range of choices”, either. There’s plenty of holiday homes to choose from, they’re all of a very high standard, and they’re all well maintained and serviced. These places are a holiday in themselves. They’re all luxury, and they’re all designed with that classic Queensland look and feel.

Holiday planning the easy way

You can set up your Stradbroke Island holiday from the comfort of your own home, online. The great news for holiday planners is you can also get in touch with the accommodation providers, ask any questions, and actually get answers. If you’ve got any special needs, or are looking for something in particular, you’ll find you’ve come to the right place for service.

You’ll also find you’ve found a good source of local knowledge. Straddie is one of the most long running of all the great Queensland holiday islands, and definitely one of the most professional, as well as friendly. If there’s anything you need to know about Stradbroke, you’ll discover that you’re talking to the right people. That alone makes holiday planning a breeze.

via Renting a Straddie Holiday Home.


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