Posted by: Colin Battersby | May 28, 2010

SIMO explains the North Stradbroke sand mining legal battles

SIMO reasons why NSI should be national park.

There’s a powerful sense that it is now or never for national park on Stradbroke Island.

SIMO has strongly advocated more national park over many years. We argue for most of the island to be national park, to protect the range of ecosystems and habitats and preserve the glorious natural landscape: continued mining will destroy some magnificent country.

We also call for national park on Stradbroke/Minjerribah to be co-managed with the Indigenous Traditional Owners.

How many national parks, especially close to capital cities, belong to Indigenous people?

Caring for country is a natural fit with managing national parks.

One of Stradbroke’s natural treasures is the unique island koala population.

Koalas are expected soon to be functionally extinct on the mainland, so it may well be Stradbroke’s destiny to become an ark for the only remaining koalas in South-East Queensland.

via SIMO explains the North Stradbroke sand mining legal battles.


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