Posted by: Colin Battersby | April 12, 2010

Things to Do Around Point Lookout

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Things to do in Point Lookout, YouGoDo have 2 great activities and experiences in Point Lookout. Our most popular activities in Point Lookout include Teenagers, Other Extreme Sports, Kids, Family and Canoeing & Kayaking. According to YouGoDo users the top 2 activities in Point Lookout are Straddie Adventures – Sandboarding in Queensland, Australia, Straddie Adventures – Sea Kayaking in Queensland.

Top 2 Things to Do in Point Lookout

YouGoDo’ers think the top 2 things to do in Point Lookout are:

Straddie Adventures – Sandboarding in Queensland, Australia

Straddie Adventures – Sandboarding in Queensland, Australia


Australia: Point Lookout

Snowboarding – Queensland Style

Two hours of sandboarding adventure on the sand dunes of North Stradbroke Island.

Fun for all ages!

We take you to our favourite sandboarding location in our 4 Wheel Drive – it’s a little out of the way, so expect some off-road adventure.

We leave the vehicle and climb to the top of the sand dune for a spectacular view of a naturally formed sand bowl, with the South Pacific Ocean as a backdrop

Our most popular sea kayaking tour hits the water at Cylinder Beach, Point Lookout on beautiful North Stradbroke Island. Our two-person kayaks are very stable – the kind you sit on, not in. After an instruction session on the beach, it’s time to paddle out through the surf and explore the waters off Straddie.

We stop at Shag Rock for a snorkel around this off shore rock formation – a great way to see some of Straddie’s incredible marine …

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