Posted by: Colin Battersby | March 1, 2010

North Stradbroke Island – ‘Straddie’

North Stradbroke Island – ‘Straddie’ After 2 and a half years we finally made the trip over to NSI. Talk about jammie barstewards, we have friends who have a house close to Point Lookout and they asked us over. We needed a break to recharge the batteries and smell the jacaranda. Just one hour from Brisbane CBD is the region of Moreton Bay, home to many islands, the largest and most spectacular of which is North Stradbroke.

Access to Straddieis made seamless with regular water taxi and vehicular barges ferrying passengers between the mainland township of Cleveland and the Island community of Dunwich. We booked the Big Red Cat online with the motor for $129. So we headed for Cleveland with the esky, bedlinen, beach towels etc and hopped onto the BRC about 40 clicks later plus a serving of their $6 special coffee and cake, we disembarked and drove 20ks to Point Lookout.

Point Lookout is not only the resort centre of Stradbroke, it also boasts outstanding surfing beaches and spectacular seascape views. It is also Queensland’s most easterly point. The township of Point Lookout is actually a series of beaches and headlands that can be easily explored by foot. Walking is a way of life at the Point and there is always something to explore.

A highlight and a must for all visitors, is the North Gorge Headlands Walk. The view over the Gorge can only be described as breathtaking. The rocky outcrops of Point Lookout which overlook the Pacific Ocean are the perfect spots for land-based whale watching. From June to October each year, the majestic humpback whales pass the North Gorge Headland on their annual migration from Antarctica to their calving grounds near the Great Barrier Reef. While the calves are still quite young, they begin their southern return journey passing close to the coast.

via North Stradbroke Island – ‘Straddie’.


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