Posted by: Colin Battersby | December 19, 2009

Stradbroke Island Accommodation


Stradbroke Island Holiday Rental Accommodation Reservations and Discover Stradbroke Island have all the accommodation options to suit all your holiday requirements.

As Straddie’s Point Lookout accommodation specialists in privately owned, luxury self contained accommodation, we offer accommodation options in most areas of Point Lookout including Pratt Court, Tramican Street, Clayton’s on Cyclinder Beach and the “Point” itself. We also offer a range of Straddie apartments and holiday houses for sale.

Traveling to Straddie is part of the island experience, with vehicular ferries available to transport you and your kids, fishing rods and surfboards, or high speed water taxis, all leaving from the bay-side town of Cleveland.

To begin your holiday accommodation search, select your arrival and departure dates then click SEARCH NOW. Alternatively, many Discover Stradbroke’s properties under management are listed below. Click more info and search for dates, features, images and location. Here you can check out availability for the houses and apartments listed for the dates you require, select the self contained properties from those found, and search online availability features and pricing by selecting more information on each property.

Alternatively call our Stradbroke Island Accommodation +617 3415 3949

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