Posted by: Colin Battersby | October 26, 2009

Sustainable Island Vibe Festival

Sustainability on Straddie

2009 island Vibe festival

2009 island Vibe festival


Dear Eco Punter,

…Welcome to Island Vibe 2009!

This year Island Vibe is going the extra mile to ensure our impact on the beautiful Minjerribah is reduced by creating a variety of environmental initiatives and acting as responsible eco citizens. By coming to our festival, you automatically become a member of the sustainability team, all you have to do is follow our lead!

This year we will:

* offset the carbon emitted as a result of the festival. This includes carbon emitted by staff and performers travelling by air, road and ferry as well as the energy needed to bring you the unique Island Vibe sound.

* encourage you to walk and bike as much as possible to minimise traffic and carbon emitted

*encourage you to car pool with your mates

*ensure your waste is reduced, reused and recycled

*collect all of your organic waste (food scraps that is) and

donate them to the first ever Stradbroke Island Community Gardens

*incorporate the use of renewable energies in the festival (bio fuel)

*ensure our market vendors lead the way through use of biodegradable products, plates, detergents and packaging

*ensure water refill stations are available so we don’t generate unnecessary plastics

*prevent our wastewater entering the water table by recycling all grey water used at the festival

*aim for a plastic bag free event

*employ local contractors

*make sure beer and other beverages are drunk from reusable cups

*showcase some exciting environmental initiatives

*invite A Greener Festival Awards to audit our performance

Stay tuned for exciting updates on our sustainability program….see you at the festival!

Warm Regards,

Sustainability team ‘09

via Sustainability | Island Vibe Festival Website.


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