Posted by: Colin Battersby | October 26, 2009

Dead whales shark meat tray

WHALE carcasses left to rot in southeast Queensland’s Moreton Bay could be attracting a monster shark believed to be lurking in the area.

A 3m plus white pointer caught on drum line off Stradbroke Island was found dead and covered in massive bite marks last week.

Queensland Fisheries Minister Tim Mulherin said the bite marks had a radius of 50cm and the distinctive triangular shape of a white pointer.

Great white bite 50cm in radius

Great white bite 50cm in radius

“The experts believe it would have taken a white pointer at least five metres long to cause this kind of damage,” Mr Mulherin said.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland president Simon Baltais said the dumping of whale carcasses in the area was providing a huge meat tray for such big predators.

Three whales that died in southeast Queensland waters in recent months had been towed to Mud Island in Moreton Bay.

“The whale carcasses are taken up the shoreline (of Mud Island) and rot away…,” Mr Baltais said.

“It would certainly attract a lot of predators and scavengers – white pointers love dead whales.”

He said the carcasses should be towed out to sea away from populated beaches and bays.

“It is costly but is the lost of one human worth it because it was too costly to tow carcasses further out?” Mr Baltais said.

Mr Mulherin said the discovery re-enforced the importance of shark nets and drum lines.

via Dead whales monster are shark&squo;s &squo;meat tray&squo; | The Courier-Mail.


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