Posted by: Colin Battersby | September 24, 2009

NSI Sustainable Tourism Group

NSI Sustainable Tourism Committee

Posted Thu, 2009-09-24 17:04 by discoverstradbroke

Last week, 19 NSI businesses met to discuss the Queensland Governments Sustainable Regions Initiative progress. Each business has signed up and committed to sustainable practices including individual business waste management practices, Caring for Straddie campaign and so on.

The program is being coordinated by Tourism Queensland and EC3 Global, and is part of a pilot program that will be rolled out across the state. Currently, there are 4 regions involved.

Below are the records of the meeting including outcomes and a time table for moving forward.

Straddie’s operators have engaged in a process of benchmarking their business energy use, as a means of now moving to decrease their carbon foot print.

Ultimately, the goal is to make those changes to our business practices that are necessary, and then to promote that ongoing achievement as a USP for Straddie’s tourism product offering.

via NSI Sustainable Tourism Committee | Stradbroke Islanders’ Forum.


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